Everything is on LinkedIn or the resume today anyways, but here's the more human side to the story. The explanation on how I got where I am in technology.

About Myself
My name is Lucia, I'm a software engineer who first started work in industry at 18 years old (currently 28). I've worked on everything from websites, to mobile, to Linux/embedded devices, to server backends with billions of connections. If it has a processor I've probably at least dabbled in it. My thesis is in IOT device security, specifically the effectiveness of taught cyber security practices if they were applied in a corporate or military setting. I'm currently a senior engineer at NCR; I worked on the latest version of the self checkout systems. As a result of my time at NCR I also have a patent in the field of AI.

A Few Things I've Worked On

How We Got Here
I started in software development at the age of 14. Originally I did this for fun and not something I ever realistically expected to have a career in. It was a passion largely instilled in me by my grandpa, who likewise was an inventor. I worked on various open source projects, video game mods, and personal projects such as a calculator for chemistry formulas and a text RPG. At age 18 I took a position as a temp in a warehouse and found an issue with the system I was entering orders into. I knew enough about technology to identify something was wrong, so I dug into it and reported my findings. In the end I was given an IT position. Which later became a programmer position where I was connecting various databases together.

Shortly after this I started university where I ended working at a small developer shop (say 15 engineers) during my time there. We did some interesting projects during my time there such as building the app and video streaming solution for the Indiana Bicentennial. Which...was fairly technically impressive at the time as there really weren't video encoding/streaming components off of the shelf for that scale (we streamed to if memory serves 3000 concurrent users) much less something that was interactive. Eventually however, I needed money for my classes, living expenses, etc. I put myself through school so I couldn't ask family for it. My solution was to freelance doing ecommerce websites and custom solutions for small businesses and after a year this became an LLC with subcontractors. These two sources of income together covered my expenses.

I graduated university and moved to Atlanta. Originally as a software consultant typically being sent in for new contracts. During this time I worked on a greenfield team developing new cloud/microservice patterns. Within a year I had moved to Research and Product Development where I worked on the RISE platform. After a few years (and genuinely great team to work with) I ended up taking a contract for NCR.

NCR is my current employer. I joined as a contractor and competed in a hackathon that the company held. Out of the thousands of partipants my team of four won second place. Our project was presented to the executive team and shortly afterwards I was hired on as a full time employee. I was later promoted to lead engineer and currently maintain a repo with over 100 contributors. I've worked on various areas from Linux support to scalability concerns to performance and internal libraries\platforms.

Why Such A Simple Site
It does what it needs to. No need to make it overly complex. Simplicity is beautiful. I'm the only person who needs to update it so need for complex frontends, admin panels, etc. Besides, minus the image at the top the website is under 5kb.